Jimmy Roggers - this name this name has stood for extra fine blues, indescribably intense rock, gently grooving swing and ballads that are bluer than the sea for 25 years.

With his spectrum as a singer, songwriter and guitarist; he inspires his international audience. An authentic feeling blooms from the brilliant musical implementation to the intelligent lyrics full of poetry. He sings about what it is like when you have the blues, about lost love, freedom, the steep cliffs of life and society. Expressing fully the moments that make life worth living.

This musical journey is wonderfully complemented with it’s catchy melodies and percussive fingerstyle compositions.

He brings his audience to a rolling boil, abducts them into the musical cosmos of a man who carries his heart on his vocal cords in all ups and downs - without frills but never without full commitment to emotion.

His music invites you to close your eyes, let yourself go and sink into their melodies.

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